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The Selection trilogy

Hey there! 

I have only been in the book blogger community for a day and I already love it!
Can't believe I didn't start with it earlier lol

My New Year's Eve book is The One from Kiera Cass and the third book out of the Selection trilogy. For all of you that don't know this book, it's a dystopian ya fiction with a little bit of a fairy tale-ish touch.

Basically the trilogy is about a girl named America, which is chosen to participate in a casting to become prince Maxon's wife. When she leaves her hometown to live in the palace with thirty four other girls, she leaves not only her family but also her secret love Aspen.

America enters the casting and is determined that she doesn't want to be Maxon's princess but when she finally starts to get to know him, her feelings get all mixed up and she doesn't know what to do.

Other than that there are some political issues too. Two rebel groups are fighting against the monarchie, and they keep threatening the citizens of the palace, Angeles and all the castes.

The thing with the castes is, that there are eight of them and if you are born as a five you stay a five. the first caste is the best, with the most privileges and money, and the eighth caste is the poorest. The only way to get out of this scheme is to either marry into another, get recruited for the armee (if you're male only) or participate in the casting (depends if there is a prince or a princess looking for their better half).

This was a short summary of Selection, which I personally really love.
I haven't finished the third book, The One, yet so I can't tell you if I like the ending but I have a feeling that I will!

To be honest, when I started reading the first book, Selection, I was a bit uncertain about wether I liked it or not. But within a couple of pages I couldn't stop reading and I kept thinking about it even when I was doing something else. 
I like the love triangle here though in the second book I was super aggravated with America's behavior towards Aspen and Maxon...
Don't worry no spoiler ahead! But I am definitely Team Maxon just saying ;)

The story all in all is a very capturing and interesting and you don't know right away what will happen next. 

I give this book a thumb up and a thousand hearts because I totally fell in love with it!

So everybody who's still deciding wether to read it or not, give it a try and in this case -> go ahead and judge this book by its cover, because it's beautiful! 

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