Dienstag, 2. Februar 2016

Endgame by James Frey review

I absolutely loved ENDGAME by James Frey ! I had no idea what i'd be reading but like the second I started this book I was lost. Lost in the game. I thought about endgame all the time and tried to figure out what's next. Who will survive, who will not? It's so hard to pick favorites when on the next page something terrible and shattering happens...
The writing is really unique too! You see everything from every angle while it happens and this just gives you so many options to twist and turn the actions! You can definitely understand, or at least see reasonable motives, for why a certain person acted a certain way. The whole book itself was a mystery for me from the very beginning to the end! The puzzle inside is yet just another bonus in the book!
Totally worth reading!! 

I give 5/5 Stars!

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