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Opposition by J.L.Armentrout Review

Good zeus and every other god that exists...

I don't even know where to even start!

I just finished OPPOSITION like ten minutes ago and I am freaking out!!!

So at the beginning of the book I set my expectations really high because I mean.. it's the Lux series hello?

Like 150 pages in I was so confused I was seriously fixing to go to page 300 and something to see if anything changes or if I can continue to freak out.
But lucky me, I didn't do it and I could calm down anyways !- No Spoilers -!

I was so afraid that the last part of this series would disappoint me but holy M. it did not. Not at all.

There was a time when I looked at the remaining pages and thought "Well, damn, there're not enough pages for everything to happen that has to happen!"

And once again this amazing author ,which has a simply bomb talent for letting us experience everything as if we were Katy or Daemon, surprised me with making the important stuff happen in time.
And with everything I mean everything... You guys know what I mean if you have read the books! ;)

The only thing I was super sad about was that there were only 900-ish pages (in the e-book!) and I'm sure that I am not the only one wanting more than that!
 If I would put all my thoughts on this super duper breathtakingly gorgeous book this blog post would be waaay to long and I really don't think anybody has time for that much swooning so long story short = This series is on the same level for me as the Mara Dyer series which is my favorite trilogy of all time.

So I won't go into any detail about how I feel now after finishing this series for good, you can probably imagine.
*...I'm so gonna reread it though like probably now...*
But this pictures pretty much sums it up:

To all the fangirls (and boys) out there who are suffering like I do right now ->
There is no medicine other than starting the next book and after finishing this one being torn all over again. It's a vicious circle.
You are welcome <3

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