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Allegiant [movie] by Veronica Roth Review

I really wish I would have known that they pretty much changed the whole book before I spend my money on the movie....

What the What

Don't get me wrong, the acting was really good and the whole cast was super great but the story was just not in the right order and the dialogues.., I can't even put it in words. I am just disappointed.

There where scene when you'd ask yourself "Wait, that's actually happening right now…?" It's hard to explain what it was that made me look at my watch and count how many minutes there are left. I know that sounds drastic but well for me that's how it was...

Also I always pictured Caleb as a narcissistic little dumb-o but I actually kind of felt empathy for him here and that makes me wonder and question myself in some ways.

But what really made me kind of aggravated was the fact the ending was something! Why split one book into two movies if the first one wasn't even the way it should be. I'm really looking forward to the next one and how this one turns out.

I really really loved Divergent because they pretty much sticked to the actual story (apart from the Butterknife scene of course).
Insurgent, not so much but I can't say why, there was just no chemistry between us sadly.


If I had to rate this movie I'd give 1 star and that only for Theo James' (Tobias/Four) scene where he's pretty much butt naked in the shower. ;)
Oh and I liked that they made Peter more goofy than in the book. I don't know it just gave the whole character something fresh and funny though he's still a douche in most ways!

~So I guess i'll just stick to the books and have my own little movie in my head ~

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