Samstag, 26. März 2016

The Lux Series by J.L.Armentrout

I am currently rereading the Lux series by J.L. Armentrout:





and last but not least

~Opposition (which I am reading right this second for the first time)

I've loved this series from the very first moment I started it! The whole relationship between Daemon and Katy is such a love hate kinda thing but that's what makes it so special and interesting.

And well, Daemon is just a total babe so what else can I say about him than that he is my absolute dream boyfriend for probably all my life.

[How can we not have a wrong image of a 'real' boyfriend when our favorite authors keep presenting us boys/males like Daemon?! Like seriously...]

So anyways, Opposition is the last part of the Lux series as far as I know and I am totally stoked! I was suuper confused at the beginning (you'll understand why when you'll start it) but now I am super happy again but then again I'm not because of all the crap that is coming down you feel me?

Ugh, I just can't stop reading although I should be studying for my finals but I have got to know what'll happen next!  School just has to wait for Daemon and Katy to get everything figured out! lol

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