Sonntag, 10. Januar 2016

book challenge

Thanks to school I couldn't be as active in the past few days as I would've wanted to...

So anyways, I came across a lot of reading challenge requests and I was thinking about it a lot too.
How many books do I wanna read this year? But then I thought, well, I don't know! I don't want to set a "goal" because I know I will be sad if I don't reach it. And what if school or maybe something else keeps me distracted..

So no, I am not settling down on a number of books I might or might not be reading in 12 months.

To be honest, and there might be some hate now, I don't think too much good about those reading goals! I know they are fun for a lot of people and don't get me wrong I am sure they motivate a lot to read many books in a certain period of time, but shouldn't reading a book be about enjoying the story and everything around it and not thinking about how much time I have left to finish my tbr list?
So you get stressed because you have only read 50 books out of 200 and it's already october.. That's just my opinion but I would be under so much pressure to reach my goal and literally devour the whole book! lol

Nevertheless everybody who decided to join the challenge,  I really wish you guys a lot of fun! Not in a sarcastic way, I swear!

It seems like I'm all negative about this topic but there are, of course, good sides too! Like the fact that you are likely to find really great books which are pretty unknown yet!

Everybody have a great week!

x, C

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