Samstag, 2. Januar 2016

JOY produced by David O. Russel

Hey there!

I just came back from watching "JOY" at the movie theater. I really didn't know what to expect and I was surprised!

The story is pretty easy to summarize: A young girl has a dream, she invents all different kinds of things and her grandmother encourages her to become a strong woman and to live her dream.
The young girl, Joy, grows up and has a little family, a job and a house. The thing is that she shares this house with her mother and later her father but those two do not get along at all, her grandmother, her kids and her ex husband. So a pretty full household. But she manages everything quite well.
Nevertheless Joy has some great ideas and she wants to implement them.
She works hard and tries to reach her goal but it's a long way and not everybody supports her.

Review: Like I said, I didn't know what to expect so I sat there and watched without any prejudice.
The first half an hour I think I was kind of unsure of wether I would like the movie or not. You know, there is a point where you usually know that this movie will or will not excite you. This was my moment to decide, and I really enjoyed it! The story all in all is grand! It definitely has you thinking about the content hours after leaving the theater and this is a great challenge. There are so many movies nowadays that let you think "Oh, yeah great, another one like the one I saw a month ago..." But not this one. The "American Dream" is what I would call what is happening in "JOY".
So David O. Russel made it happen again! After Silver Linings and American Hustle he, of course, produced another movie to be remembered! 
Talking about Silver Linings, Jennifer Lawrence was breathtaking as always, but I am not surprised about that, I would have been if she was not! I dare to say that Jennifer is the most adorable and stunning actress nowadays and I am pretty sure that most people will agree here. 
It does not matter what character she plays she will always be gorgeous and stunning and I am happy to say that she is my role model.
Other than that I have to admit that this was the first movie, in which I found Robert de Niro unappealing(perfect for his character).. He is one of my favorite actors and he did such an amazing job here too, I can't explain! The whole cast was just on point... 
You could see that there was a great chemistry behind the camera, especially between Jennifer, Robert and Bradley Cooper. 

The message this movie showed gave me personally so much motivation! If you have a dream go follow it! Fight for it and never let anybody bring you down! If it seems like there is no way to reach your dream, keep looking and never give up on anything! 

You don't need a prince no get what you want

Leaving it like that I hope you guys enjoy or already enjoyed JOY as much as I did! 

Here a link to a trailer

x, C 

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